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  1. Change the law to ban the resale of tickets for more than their face value23,296 signatures, now closed
  2. Make PE a core subject from KS1-KS5 with a minimum of 2hrs allocated weekly16,134 signatures
  3. Anyone convicted of involvement in dog-fighting to receive a custodial sentence.12,967 signatures, now closed
  4. An independent study to find if driven grouse shooting is of economic benefit.10,781 signatures, now closed
  5. Make an exception for brass bands to not require a Child Performance Licence3,982 signatures
  6. Allow all British Armed Forces personnel to have a beard if they so wish.2,857 signatures, now closed
  7. Reinstate sailing and windsurfing to A level and GCSE PE2,037 signatures, now closed
  8. Lift the ban on .22 handguns.1,755 signatures
  9. Put Synchronised swimming on the GCSE PE Syllabus as a sport option.1,322 signatures
  10. Ban the shooting of Pheasants, Partridges and Grouse for sport.849 signatures, now closed
  11. Ensure all 6 Nations games continue to be broadcast live on free to air TV827 signatures
  12. Make Changing Places mandatory in the large public places listed in BS 8300:2009615 signatures, now closed
  13. Give all UK residents the right to vote in local government elections514 signatures, now closed
  14. Drop the ban on 22lr target pistols511 signatures, now closed
  15. Abolition of the coarse fishing closed season on rivers (16th March-16th June)429 signatures, now closed
  16. Make all trespassing a criminal offence280 signatures, now closed
  17. CARIBBEAN DAY is recognized as AUGUST 1st274 signatures, now closed
  18. Minimum of 1 England cricket Test match to be on free-to-air TV per year254 signatures, now closed
  19. Halt Brexit pending public inquiry into disinformation tactics217 signatures
  20. Provide funding for Amputee Football in the UK.201 signatures, now closed
  21. Keep children healthy, Keep PE in ALL schools!175 signatures
  22. Make computer science controlled assessments (NEA’S) mandatory for the GCSE.163 signatures, now closed
  23. Give the English a referendum to decide on a song to be our national anthem.152 signatures, now closed
  24. Put martial arts back on the GCSE/A Level PE activity list126 signatures
  25. A total ban on hunting for sport including the digging out of foxes and badgers!124 signatures, now closed
  26. Funding for Harness Racing in the United Kingdom105 signatures, now closed
  27. Prohibit the release of pheasants into the countryside for shooting86 signatures, now closed
  28. FREE Junior use of council sports fields/ pitches and a cap on the Adult price.73 signatures, now closed
  29. A wider range of physical education must be taught in schools58 signatures, now closed
  30. Make children’s activities and clubs VAT exempt52 signatures
  31. Revise firearms certificates to allow for wider gun access but harder to obtain50 signatures, now closed
  32. Ask the Paralympic Committee to move the swimming Championships from Malaysia.48 signatures
  33. Review animal welfare in horse racing and the Grand National43 signatures
  34. Ensure money raised from new sugar levy is divided between education and the NHS39 signatures, now closed
  35. Devolve TV Broadcasting to Scottish Government Arts, Culture & Sport Ministry36 signatures, now closed
  36. Make Greyhound racing illegal in the U.K .36 signatures, now closed
  37. Place Mindfulness in to the UK school Curriculum35 signatures, now closed
  38. Reverse UK Sport decision not to fund badminton30 signatures, now closed
  39. Amend Royal Charter to stop BBC paying more than twice Prime Minister’s salary28 signatures
  40. Lift the ban on the shooting General Licenses (GL04/05/06).Rejected
  41. Strengthen the hunting act Or enforce David Keene’s event plan structureRejected
  42. Make Sky Sports and BT Sport affordable to small rural pubs.Rejected
  43. Abolish horse racingRejected
  44. Ban Horse Racing and the Grand NationalRejected
  45. Ban the Grand Nation and cruel Horse Racing!Rejected
  46. Remove the congestion charge for the private hire vehicles.Rejected
  47. Stop racial & lgbt community abuse towards footballers & celebritiesRejected
  48. A minute’s silence for Muslim lives lost due to terrorism.Rejected
  49. Mandate FA to form alliance with counterparts to boycott 2022 World Cup in QatarRejected
  50. hold the judiciary accountable in familycourt for sending kids to unsafe contactRejected

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