Learning Progression Mats #LPM

Development Idea

To improve the #LPMat effectiveness try to have multiple starting points, a loose framework and clear differentiation.  Offer students the opportunity to step of the trail where relevant and feel as though they have control over the pace of their learning by fork in the road points instead of strict structure.  Don’t be afraid to let students enter the #LPMat at a point relevant to them and if a step backwards is needed then allow for it with the design of your mat.

What is the Learning Progression Mat #LPMat? 

The #LPMat is a simple but effective way of condensing down paper, booklets or worksheets into a simple map of how the lesson will progress on one page.  The steps can be carefully scaffolded and the print out can be A3 for more effective use of space.  A very effective way of demonstrating student progression in a lesson.

The #LPMat image above is just a simple example of one of the maps I use in BTEC Sport, however they have been successful in GCSE and A Level PE Theory.  Learning all of the tips and tricks you find on twitter/school CPD, the Progression Map can be developed even further to incorporate some T&L Nuts and Bolts from areas such as:

  • Mini Plenary / Progression Check tasks to review learning as the #LPMat progresses
  • Solo Taxonomy by Pam Hook (@arti_choke) to give it an improved A4L structure and scaffold progression
  • Agility Toolkit T&L Tasks/Ideas by @ASTSupportAAli here
  • QR Codes to create an interactive Progression Map to link to videos or other online features (requires phone/tablet with 3G/WIFI) 
  • Exit and Entry Tickets or Comic BitStrips
  • Fake Text Message Apps to add context

#LPMat Development

Excellent examples of development can be found below.  However, using #Solo Taxonomy from @arti_choke and QR Codes to make it interactive @TomBrish1982 really kick started the whole development process forward, and what a development it has turned out to be!  The snow ball effect of one idea tweaked and developed into something even better is clearly evident here, and all aimed at having a big impact on teaching and learning quality in the classroom. 

Download and Upload

100’s already complete for you to download and tweak in the PE4Learning Google Drive

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