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The Lockdown Games @LsidwellUCTC

New uploads to @PE4Learning by @LsidwellUCTC /The Lockdown Games Tracker.docx (43 KB) /The Lockdown Games.pptx (1 MB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #physed You can also&...Read More

Netball Scenario Cards @missbrownpe

New uploads to @PE4Learning by @missbrownpe /Netball scenarios @missbrownpe.docx (22 MB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #physed You can also register for free a...Read More

Dance Challenge Cards @MissHabberfield

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Alys Habberfield /Dance Challenge Cards @MissHabberfield.docx (5 MB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #physed You can also register ...Read More

Direct Share Link | New feature added in the @PE4Learning Community Drive to share direct access to files and folders

An exciting new feature has been added to the @PE4Learning Community PE Resource Drive after lots of techy updates behind the scenes. This will allow users who have uploaded PE resources to share a di...Read More

Netball Challenge Pack @MissHabberfield

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Alys Habberfield Alys Habberfield /Netball Challenge @MissHabberfield/Netball Rules.docx (87 KB) /Netball Challenge @MissHabberfield/Netbal Umpire Score Cards.docx (330 ...Read More

Home Athletics Pack by @ChrisTofte3

New uploads to @PE4Learning by ChrisTofte3 /Home Athletics.docx (3 MB) Visit the @PE4Learning Community Drive to download. #pegeeks #physed You can also register for free and upload your own...Read More

Workout Ideas @MissHabberfield

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Alys Habberfield /250-14 WORKOUT.docx (166 KB) /EMOM.AMRAP24.docx (89 KB) /ECCENTRIC WORKOUT.docx (104 KB) /EXPLORING WALES.docx (172 KB) /FITNESS BINGO.docx (94 KB) /FL...Read More

Unit 3 Sports Organisation and Development | Cambridge Technical Sport

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Will Sawyer /Unit 3 Sports Organisation and Development .pdf (9 MB) #pegeeks #physed You can also register for free and upload your own creative Physical Educa...Read More

Sports Bingo Homework

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Lauren Rowntree /Sport Bingo Homework.pptx (4 MB) #pegeeks #physed You can also register for free and upload your own creative Physical Education resources to ...Read More

Tennis, Cricket & Athletics Resources from @MissHaslamPE

New uploads to @PE4Learning by MissHaslamPE /Athletics Jumping @MissHaslamPE.pdf.pdf (9 MB) /Athletics Throwing @MissHaslamPE.pdf.pdf (9 MB) /Cricket Roles @MissHaslamPE.pdf.pdf (4 MB) /Tennis @MissHa...Read More

Netflix at home workouts @oreillypool

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Mr O’ Reilly pe /@oreillypool Netflex at home workouts.pdf (915 KB) #pegeeks #physed Download these resources and thousands more in the @PE4Learning Community...Read More

Netflix PE Resources – Stay Active

New uploads to @PE4Learning by Tom Grant /@MrGrantPE NETFLEX Boys PE.pdf (840 KB) /@MrGrantPE NETFLEX Girls PE.pdf (798 KB) #pegeeks #physed Download these resources and thousands more in the @PE4Lear...Read More

Pokemon and Superhero Fitness Resources

New uploads to @PE4Learning by @murtonmike /@MMURTONPESHS SUPERHEROpptx.pptx (84 MB) /@MMurtonPESHS Pokemon Fitness.pptx (68 MB) #pegeeks #physed Download these resources and thousands more in the @PE...Read More

PE Learning Journeys – Curriculum Mapping

Inspirational tweets showcasing creative ways to map a curriculum or course in Physical Education. Templates available from various resource outlets as well as featuring in the PE4Learning Community D...Read More

Instagram Inspired PE Resources

All credit goes to the original authors. Links to thier profiles can be found in the uploaded files. Download Find these and many more in the FREE @PE4Learning Community Drive here. Share Yours Do you...Read More

Home Learning Tasks and Ideas in Physical Education

I hope you find this complication post useful when searching for inspiration when setting home learning tasks for your students. Apologies if I have missed any and I must credit all of those who have ...Read More


THE TEACH MEET FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS, BY PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS. WANT TO GET INVOLVED? We are now in the process of selecting our KeyNote, KeyNote PE, and TeachMeet session leaders. Spe...Read More

Deep Dive in PE from @TomBrush1982

Preparing for a deep dive in Physical Education – Notes Below are a number of key points, notes, and questions from people who have experienced a PE deep dive in PE recently. ...Read More

Jasmine is a new primary PE digital platform to support teachers and pupils in their real PE and real gym lessons, and real play sessions @Create_Dev

FREE real PE and real gym Lesson Plans   Jasmine is the new primary PE digital platform which supports teachers and pupils in their real PE and real gym lessons and has been developed by Create Develo...Read More

Using images to facilitate students’ learning

Surely, we have all heard the saying “An image is worth a thousand words”. Although it is easy to see how this is the case in the news, what about education? Do images make it easier for pupils to und...Read More

GCSE PE Simplified Revision Book @GCSEsimplified | Edexcel GCSE PE | Edexcel PEP Guide | OCR GCSE PE | Cambridge Nationals Sport Studies | Cambridge Nationals Sport Science

Background GCSE Simplified was set up to simplifiy the exam content of the new generation of linear exam qualifications. The sole purpose is to make it easier for students to revise and most important...Read More

PE4Learning Academy Online Courses and Lessons

Enrol onto a PE4Learning Academy course and start learning.  Embark on your professional development journey by visiting one of the courses below to get started.  Courses contain short, rich instructi...Read More

BTEC Unit 1 Exam Technique – @MrMattPE [DOWNLOAD]

Thank you kindly to @joematt12 for sharing with the PE4Learning community

Free Online Resource Creation Tool –

Hi everyone! Passing this on from our SCITT student @seankeepin who uses this free online software to create resources for Physical Education. Sign up for free and there is no need to upgrade to premi...Read More

The Multi Events Awards Tracker from @PEInnovators

??Interested in The Multi Events Awards Tracker? ?? ??Tri/PentDecathlon?? Whole school League Tables Who’s the fastest in the school ? Automatically assigns students points for multi stage awards Like...Read More

AQA GCSE PE Revision Guides from @Mr_WebbPE

An outstanding contribution to the PE4Learning community from @Mr_WebbPE for GCSE AQA PE. Downloads This file can be found alongside many others in the ‘resources’ section of the site as w...Read More

Cricket Resources from Chance To Shine @Chance2Shine

Aim We’re on a mission to spread the power of cricket by giving all young people the opportunity to play and learn through cricket. Chance to Shine is designed to support you in the achievement of you...Read More

KS3 Dance ideas for non-specialists by @thePEdiary

As previously discussed, I am fully aware that not every teacher jumps for joy when seeing ‘DANCE’ crop up on their programme of study for the year. Have no fear, I have some ideas to create a fun and...Read More

Free sample practical PE lessons to try from @TeacherTriangle

Contact Teacher Triangle Email Teacher Triangle Website Link Visit site. Teacher Triangle Products View Products

OCR A LEVEL PE (2016): EAPI – e-Learning Model Example from @hb_field

It’s worth 15% of the exam – don’t leave it to chance! Here’s a detailed interactive spoken example of the EAPI for OCR A LEVEL PE which will enable your students to fully unde...Read More

Top Trumps Cards – BTEC GCSE A Level PE @MrBishopPE

The main topics these cards cover are: Components of Fitness Training Methods Principles of Training Exercise Intensity Resource Author: Mr Mark Housley Download Download these resources and thousands...Read More

Non-Participant Worksheets in Physical Education

Non-Participant Worksheets in Physical Education A collection of non-participant worksheets in Physical Education available to download for free from website and Google Drive Downloads...Read More

GCSE Extended Exam Question Mat @NorthKestevenPE

GCSE Extended Exam Question Mat #EQMat @NorthKestevenPE

PE4Learning Exam Question Mat Link Find out more about the Exam Question Mat #EQMat from PE4Learning here. Downloads This file can be found alongside many others in the ‘resources’ section...Read More


Storyboards in GCSE PE by @TedfordDanielle

REPOST from Storyboards in GCSE PE Danielle Tedford is the Assistant Headteacher at Flixton Girls School and now is the inaugural PE TeachMeet National champion 2016 after submitting this...Read More

A-Level, GCSE, BTEC Sport & OCR Cambridge Nationals Physical Education Resources from ZigZag Education

Welcome to ZigZag Education! Here you will find everything you need to explore the field of Physical Education and Sport! Navigate the page below to find resources for the following courses: A Level P...Read More

Hexagon Link Challenge | PE4Learning

Examples of hexagon link learning tiles as a teaching and learning task in the class.  Download the hexagon pack below.  Thanks to @TomBrush1982 and @MissMelKelly for sharing their adaptations. Downlo...Read More

Physical Education GCSE A LEVEL BTEC PE Comic Books @PE4Learning

Thanks to @MrThompsonPE, @MrAtkinsPE and @EAshby for sharing them through Download Navigate to the General Archive A-Z -> Comics – Theory Revision Booklets folder in the PE4L...Read More

Exit and Entry Tickets in Physical Education @PE4Learning

Thanks to @TomBrush1982, @T_Kendallator, @RUloveskiing, @NorthKestevenPE, @MrWilkoPE, @MrGoldmanPE and @Coach_Teach_Gaz for the examples below. Find more in the download link below. Download Download ...Read More

Takeaway Homework in Physical Education

Takeaway Homework in PE Thanks to @Coach_Teach_Gaz, @ladybridgeGPN, @TomBrush1982, @ClairKnowland, @Ritson_S, @_rickhogg_, @MBowePE, @Newerz83, @Tedfordanielle and @emmasheehan76 for sharing them thro...Read More

OCR A Level PE Text/Comic Book Resource Sheets [LEGACY/2016] from @MrThompsonPE

Information sheets from @MrThompsonPE covering Aerobic Capacity, Principals of Training, Body Composition, Energy Systems, Flexibility, Performance Enhancement and strength from the OCR A Level Legacy...Read More

PE Target Setting Tracking Sheet @JDunnPE

Download Direct Download here or navigate to the General Archive A-Z -> Tracking Sheets folder in the PE4Learning Cloud Resource Box link here. Gallery

PE WordFoto Literacy Displays @PE4Learning

WordFoto literacy displays available from the @PE4Learning Google Drive and Dropbox.  Purchase WordFoto from the Apple App Store here. Download General Archive A-Z folder in the PE4Learning Cloud Reso...Read More

Revision Spaced Learning Scratch Cards from @TandLFactory

An excellent teaching resource idea from @TandLFactory taking inspiration from @olivercavigliol & @AceThatTest strategies. Homework is set by scratching one topic box and one strategy box per week...Read More

Skeleton Boiler Suits / Work Overalls PE Theory Lesson Idea from @PE_Collins

An amazing inspirational lesson idea from @PE_Collins and her GCSE students. Gallery Tweets My GCSE class completed their skeletons. Such a great kinaesthetic learning lesson @PE4Learning @PEgeeks @ph...Read More

A Level PE OCR 2016 Specification Knowledge and Understanding Tracker Sheets

A huge thanks to @tedforddanielle for sharing these with  Place these K&U tracker sheets for the new OCR A Level PE specification at the front of each topic to allow the student/t...Read More

Flipped Learning Mat @PE4Learning V3.0

Updates to the popular Flipped Learning Mat from @PE4Learning to include ‘Instagram a Diagram’ and ‘Key Term Definition” chat window and ‘Sketch and Definition’ tas...Read More

FeedForward Feedback- Acting On Exam Feedback Version 2 @PE4Learning

Example: Complete Matrix Set a piece of assessed work (e.g. exam question or extended answer) Mark it and provide feedback on the answer hand the #FFFBack sheet out above with marked work Allow the st...Read More

Dingbats – Say What You See @PE4Learning

Create picture catchphrases for your students to decipher as a fast finisher task, starter, plenary or quiz assessment task.  More can be found in the Cloud Resource Box below by navigating to the Din...Read More

GCSE Super 6 Plenary/Competition – @PE_Hill

Update to the Super 6 plenary @PE_Hill created last year.  It is an introductory PowerPoint and a way of displaying the games and questions for that week. Download it here Once you have downloaded thi...Read More

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